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Piconjo's Back?!

Posted by TheMusicalManiac - May 13th, 2021

Hey everyone! Just saw the headlines on the front page today and found out Piconjo's back. Apparently he returned! He made a post for a celebration of a day of his own, Piconjo Day, June 9th (6/9 haha funny joke). I don't know too much of the community yet but I did hear about this particular personality and gained instant interest. Also saw some of the fanart and gotta say, its pretty cool.

So yeah! Gonna cook somethin up for his special day. Still can't believe he's back, despite being a newbie, I heard about the notoriety of Piconjo...I really am gonna study up on the lore and shit before I make a track though, so I can make something that fits him. After all, as one of Newgrounds' OGs, he deserves major respect.

Go check him out guys. He's back, and back for real.



Comments (6)

oh, i thought he was dead?

He was gone for a while but he seems to be back now! I've followed on his news postings and yeah, he's alive.


lol I didn't catch the date on that day before now. XD Will be at a theme park then, somehow seems... very suitable.

Congrats on the follow! Crazy awesome.

Lmaooooo its very suitable! Piconjo would only want you to have a crazy good time, much like he does when he pwns!

And thank you! He ended up friending me too...its an honor, really. I never expected the legend to see my responses lol! I do hope he checks out my stuff as I check out his art and animations. (As well as music holy shit his music is banger)

You're so nice btw. I completely forgot you did that one FnF animation I faved and 5 starred for so I gave you a follow. Great work on that, I'll check out your art too.

When I said that I was imagining some Piconjo-themed attractions in my mind too. XD Spooky clowns and crazy rollercoasters and stuff! Fo rizzle!

That's really cool. :) The years might've humbled him hmm, wonder if he interacted as much with the community back in the day, I don't remember as much... that would be the holy trinity of honor then! :) He really is talented too.

Ooh, thank you! Shall check out your audio in return soon, bookmarked for now!

Piconjo deserves his own theme park tbh. Sounds like a cool concept too. A newgrounds theme park would be hella fun.

I'm not sure if he interacted with people in the past either but he definitely seems to have been active with the community somewhat. Super talented either way!

And thank you for bookmarking me! Again, its an honor. I truly do mean that. <3

Man that would be AWESOME. Or yeah, just an NG theme park overall, with rides for all our different icons, both artists and mascots. A house of Madness, an actual Pico's School - complete with hired actors for all the villians, all kinds of coasters related to relevant game-related rides, Alien Hominid saucers, a Castle Crasher arena, they could do so much with this idea!!!

You know your history huh. :) Gotta go digging through past interactions now hmm... I only really remember the content. He was so famous though. You probably come across way more distant with a fanbase as that.

Well thank you, I really do appreciate it. :) Honor's all mine too! It's cool to stumble upon such an NG devote as yourself, looking forward to seeing what your take on them audial arts is.